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Our Collection of Antiques, built up over many years, concentrates mainly on the Periods from Early Georgian onwards including George I and George II, though we do have some earlier Antique Furniture from the 17th Century William & Mary and Queen Anne Periods, particularly Antique Walnut Furniture. The bulk of our Antique Furniture comes from the 18th and 19th Century including the Periods covered by Adams, Chippendale, Hepplewhite (sometimes seen spelt Heppelwhite) and Sheraton (also sometimes mis-spelt as Sheriton); through the Mid Georgian Period to George III, Regency, George IV, William IV and Victorian Periods. We also have furniture from the first part of the 20th Century, in particular the pretty inlaid Mahogany and Satinwood Edwardian pieces, and also the delightfully painted furniture from this time.

We have a selection of Antique Dining Furniture such as Antique Dining Tables including William IV and Victorian Extending Mahogany Dining Tables with wind-out action and extended by inserting leaves; Regency and George IV extending tables normally with pull out or concertina action; and D-end Georgian Mahogany Tables which have free-standing semi-circular end tables, sometimes on pedestals, and extending by means of leaves and pedestal tables or drop leaf tables. For the smaller Dining Room there are Georgian Mahogany Supper or Breakfast Tables as well as Regency Rosewood Circular Tables and Victorian Walnut Loo Tables which can be round or oval. To compliment the tables we have Sets of Antique Dining Chairs, sometimes with Matching Carvers or Elbow Chairs, and the delightful Sheraton Inlaid Mahogany Sideboards with Serpentine shaped fronts or D-Shaped, as well as the more formal William IV Pedestal Sideboards and Serving Tables. Other Antique Dining Room Furniture includes Wine Coolers and Cellarettes, Dumb Waiters, Etarege, Butlers Trays, Side Tables for serving food or wine, and Cabinets and Cupboards for storing and displaying chinaware and glass, such as Bow-Front Corner Cupboards, Breakfront Sideboard Cupboards, Walnut and Ebonised Credenzas, Chiffoniers (often mis-spelt Cheffonirs, Shiffonires etc)

For the Country Dining Room we have a selection of Antique, Elm, Yew and Fruitwood Antique Oak Dining Furniture including Refectory Tables, Gate Leg Tables, and Georgian Oak Drop Leaf Tables. Suitable for use with this type of Antique Table you can choose Spindle Back and Ladderback Chairs, Hoop Back Windsor Chairs, and various other Antique Country Chairs such as Country Chippendale, Country Hepplewhite and so on. As serving pieces, or for storage of Tableware and Cutlery we would suggest one of the many variations of Antique Country Dressers, most often made from oak or fruitwood and colloquially known as an Antique Welsh Dresser - though these, of course, can come from many areas of England including Lancashire, Yorkshire and the Welsh Borders Districts of Herefordshire and Shropshire. Alternatively a Court Cupboard can provide useful storage in the Period Dining Room, as they give even more storage space than a Welsh Dresser, though if serving and display is more important than storage a Buffet might be better. Where space is very limited an Oak or Walnut Lowboy can prove useful, as may Spice Cupboards and Oak Corner Cupboards, the latter being particularly useful for glasses.

These smaller pieces such as the Lowboys and Corner Cupboards can also be very useful if one has a small cottage hall, as can the small Settles or Monks Tables, Panelled Chests or Coffers (the word Coffer meaning Box and coming from the Middle English and Old French word coffre - an alternative sometimes used is Kist which is a Welsh word for Chest coming from the ancient word for a hollowed-tree coffin). Where there is more space for Period Furniture in an Entrance Hall, Centre Tables in Rosewood, Walnut, or Mahogany can look very fine, as can a Console Table, Drum Table or even a Kneehole or Pedestal Desk. The traditional Hat Stand combined with a Hall Stand or Umbrella Stand can be very useful, but many Pembroke Tables and Side Tables can be suitable as these are often fitted with one or two drawers which are good for keys etc.

The Antique Drawing Room which we nowadays tend to term Lounge (now that the ladies seldom 'withdraw' from the Dining Room whilst the Gentlemen enjoy their port and cigars) is a delight to furnish with Antiques as there are so many charming Period Pieces to choose from. As well as the full range of Antique Upholstered Furniture such as Settees, Sofas and Couches there is the ever popular Sofa Table; Pembroke Tables named for the Countess of Pembroke, elegant Sewing and Work Tables, all the range of Lady's Writing Desks such as Carlton Desks, (named after the Prince Regent's home at Carlton House) Bureau de Dame, Davenports, Bonheur de Jour, and Bureau Plat. Stools such as charming Foot Stools, and Fender Stools often with the needlework tapestry covers probably worked by the original owners whilst sitting on a Lady's Sewing Chair; as would have been the silkwork panels of the Georgian and Regency Pole Screens which protected the complexions of the ladies from the heat of the winter fire right through to the William IV and Victorian Periods, in the summer the grate would have been disguised by a Fire Screen, similarly embroidered. Above the Mantel Piece an Original Victorian Gilt Overmantel can add depth and life to a room, as can Steel or Brass Fire Irons and Implements together with a Steel or Brass Fender.

In the corner of the Drawing Room or Sitting Room or perhaps for the Antique Music Room, or there are Pretty Victorian Walnut Piano Stools with their adjustable seats, the more masculine William IV Rosewood Music Stools, and Duet Stools, Music Canterbury, Sheet Music Cabinets, Sheet Music Stands and Duet Stands.  Card Tables can be used as Lamp Tables and are not only elegant but useful if one plays cards; Tea Tables are compact Lamp Tables when folded, but useful for tea or as a small supper table when open; Quartetto Tables are Nests of Tables which can be used as End Tables, as can the variety small Pedestal Wine Tables and Occasional Tables. Antique Coffee Tables tend to be rarely available, but over the years many tables have been reduced in height to serve as Coffee Tables, and often Trays have had Stands made for them converting them to very useful Tray Top Coffee Tables. To display those collections there are pretty China Display Cabinets, Bijouterie and Silver Tables, Whatnots, Etageres, Three Tier Stand Dumb Waiters and many, many more lovely and unusual pieces to enhance your home and the pleasure of life.

For the Antique Office or Study there is a full range of Antique Library Furniture, starting of course, with the handsome Partners or Pedestal Desks, Kneehole Desks, Bureaus, Writing Tables, Escritoire, Secretaire, perhaps complimented by Antique Book Shelves or Cupboards in the form of the traditional Mahogany Breakfront Bookcase or Bureau Bookcase with Library Steps for those very high bookshelves! The Antique Library always looks well with a Library Chair perhaps a Begere with deep soft cushions or a Leather Wing Chair and standing at the side a small Revolving Bookcase to serve as a Wine Table. The den can also be a good setting for Collectors Cabinets sometimes known as Wellington Chests, Book Stands, Folio Stands, Reading Tables, Architects Tables and even Rent Tables!

A Bedroom looks lovely  when furnished with Antique Bedroom Furniture, some of the Antique Chests of Drawers can be exceptional value providing excellent storage space as well as looking stunning. They come in all shapes - Serpentine Fronted, and Bow-Fronted; in all types of wood - Burl or Burr Walnut, Mahogany, Oak, and Elm and Fruitwood; and all sizes - Tallboys and Highboys, or as they are known in England, Chests on Chests, or Chests on Stands, down to small Chest of Drawers with Brushing Slides or the very smallest Bachelor's Chests; and all styles - from Charming Country Chests of Drawers, to the elegant Satinwood Sheraton and handsome Chippendale Mahogany Chests of Drawers. To compliment these there is a range of pretty Dressing Table Mirrors, with shield or oval mirrors, often the bases fitted with drawers, and also full length Cheval Mirrors. For beside the bed a Candlestand can work well, and Georgian Mahogany Bedside Tables and Cupboards are as useful now as in the 1800's, as are the Georgian Linen Presses either with their original sliding drawers, or when they have been converted to Gentleman's Wardrobes. At the end of the bed a Chaise Longue or Edwardian Inlaid Settee can look very attractive; or an Ottoman or Old Oak Coffer can serve a useful purpose as a Linen Chest. Occasionally we have lovely Antique Four Poster Beds or Half Tester Beds, sometimes with matching Bed Steps: and for the Antique Nursery there are Traditional Antique Rocking Horses, Antique Cradles and Cribs, and a variety of Antique Nursery Toys.

Gilded Antique Mirrors enhance any room, and we always have a good selection of Antique Gilt Mirrors and  Overmantles, usually with Pure Gold Leaf Gilding, as well as Girandoles (mirrors with candle sconces originally designed to help reflect light), Pier Mirrors (originally made to fill the spaces between pairs of windows) Circular Convex Mirrors with carved Eagle Surmounts, Georgian and Queen Anne Walnut Mirrors, Chippendale and Parcel Gilt Mirrors, all normally with the original mercury mirrored glass, sometimes with bevelled edges.

Please take your time and explore the site fully; some of the pages may take a little while to download due to the higher resolution of the photographs, but we hope you will feel that the extra quality makes it worthwhile.

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